How to be more stylish

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How to be more stylish

As we mature most of us feel the need to dress with style, so here are my tips on how to be more stylish.

To be stylish by definition is to be a person who displays elegance, taste or refinement in their manners or dress.


Here are a few tips to add some stylish polish to your look.

⭐ WEAR WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY: this is generally something that fits and flatters your shape and is authentic to your personal style.

⭐ ALLOW ONLY MIX AND MATCH ITEMS IN YOUR CLOSET: great style is accomplished by a versatile closet of clothes. The more you can mix and match, the more outfits you’ll have and the more fun you can have creating them.

⭐ DONT BE AFRAID TO EXPERIMENT: A woman with style often likes to be a little different from everyone else. If you create a look that’s a bit different and you like it – OWN IT and wear it with confidence.

⭐ KNOW WHAT TO SPEND $$$ ON: Foundation items like jeans, straight pants and skirts, shirtmaker and sheath dresses to name just a few are the workhorses and foundation stones of your closet. Stylish women buy the best quality they can afford in these items.

⭐ STAND FAST IN THE BARGAIN BASEMENT: No matter how discounted an item is a stylish woman will pass it by if it has little likelihood of being worn regularly.

⭐ DON’T BE AFRAID TO PART WAYS: When the time is right, there’s no sense in keeping a dead relationship alive. When an item no longer fits, looks great, brings you joy, or sees the light of day. Kiss it goodbye and bless someone else.


The first step to stylishness is knowing what suits you and this includes:

⭐ Your shape and age

⭐ Your colouring

⭐ Your personality

⭐ Your lifestyle

⭐ Your budget and your

⭐ Values.

Master all these areas and you’ll soon be stylish and confident.

If you’d love to be more stylish and you’d like to have a chat about the best way forward for you drop me a line through this contact page

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Stay Stylish,

Johanna-May xx