Introducing Digital Colour swatches for your Colour Analysis

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It's a Digital World, so can your Colour Analysis be Digital


If you had of asked me years ago if it could or would happen I would have said a big fat NO!  I think over the last two years many of us have  launched our businesses online or virtually… And, yes I am one of them.  I have to retrieve that big fat NO!

Don’t be mistaken I am still working in-person with people but this also now means I can work with people all over the World.  I can help people gain confidence and feel amazing no matter where they live or where I live.

As mentioned I was hesitant that this would actually work in my industry, but over time (because yes, I had more time on my hands) I got to see the benefits of Virtual and how incredible it actually can be.

I learnt new programmes, read a lot and re-trained in this platform.

So, let me introduce to you my newly launched Colour Analysis with it’s very own Digital App.

So, how does this work I hear you ask?

  • What I need from you is a great photo of which I describe to you how to take.
  • I analyse your colours by using virtual drapes
  • We meet to discuss on zoom, then you receive your Digital Swatch


With a My Colour ID swatch you’ll

  • Never forget your swatch again (it’s on your phone)
  • Never loose another swatch
  • Gain 160 beautiful colours that will make you shine
  • Have YOUR face on every colour: no more guessing what it will look like
  • Easily compare colours with our Compare feature
  • Enjoy seeing how each colour will coordinate with others in your range on our COORDINATE page,
  • Have everything you need to know about you and your colours on our MY COLOR ID and COLOR INSIGHTS pages.

What are you waiting for!?

If you would like to dive in and book your Virtual Colour Assessment so that you can carry your ‘Colours’ everywhere with you.  Dive in here and I will be in contact with you.  You will receive your best suited Colour details within 48hours (during business hours)

Perhaps you would like your colours reassessed if you have had a change of hair colour or you feel you need an update from having your colours done a very long time ago.  Drop me a line so we can get started with this exciting new Digital Swatch.

I love bringing you new and exciting opportunities and this one is forefront in the World.

Yours in Colour and Style,

Johanna-May xx