It’s Not What It’s How!

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It’s Not about What Size you wear.  It’s about How you wear your Size.

It’s all too easy (thanks to the media) to believe that curvy women can’t be stylish or attractive. The same goes for women over 50.

An ugly truth is that fashion often favours the young and lithe – it is HOWEVER getting better, the fashion industry seems more considerate that 90% of us do not fit into either of these categories!

Let me shout it out to all self confessed Curvy babes and Women over 50 (yes that’s me too) there is no reason for curvy or over 50 year old Women to give up!  

While it does take more work to find brands that understand and flatter curvy and mature shapes, they are around.

The first and most important step to looking fabulous (at any age or size) is intimately knowing Yourself. The YOU,  who YOU are today. Your shape, proportions, colouring, personal style preferences and lifestyle.

If you know these things about yourself, you can discover what styles and coordination will flatter you best.

Let me tell you – over the years we change, whether that is our style, our body shape, our lifestyle, our best suited colours… we were born to have changes to our unique selves.  We just need to embrace them… this is where you come into it!

Once you have embraced the above you can search out the brands and retailers who cater to you.

For Style Inso there are more and more Instagramers such as Natalie Angel (size 16, of Let Me Try Before You Buy) who cater to specific sizes and promote brands and gives heaps of styling tips. And there is Me embracing being over 50 and loving working with Women that just need a lift, or a style update, modernising, perhaps they have wardrobe overwhelm or they need help finding their unique style .  All of these things happen and, this is what I love doing… helping ladies (and men) feel Amazing in their Own Skin!

So, if you are ready to forget your age, size and/or weight and learn how to dress to look amazing, I can be a part of that ‘next step’.

I’d love to offer you a complimentary style breakthrough session to discuss You and Your Style, simply jump on my calendar and let’s get connected.

Wishing you stylie days.

Johanna-May x