Makeup especially for you! It’s learning time!

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Makeup especially for you! It’s learning time!  I guess you’ll call this a promotion but I believe you all know that I only promote what I truly believe in.  This time I am promoting Jess, she is her brand and besides the fact she is super stunning she is super naturally stunning, she works in makeup as a makeup artist for her herself and I believe a reason why she is so clever at what she does is that she absolutely adores her job.
I asked Jess to write about herself so I could share her super skills with you & along with that Jess and I are going to collaborate to bring you some makeup skills, fun tips, how to keep it simple and we will also relate some of it to us maturing peeps that love to wear makeup but wonder what is enough, too much, or how to apply.
So, here’s Jess, Makeup Extraordinaire !
I’m Jess, a professional makeup Artist and I absolutely love what I do. I have been in the makeup industry for almost 15 years now so I can say I know my stuff.
Weddings have usually been my main stream. The fact that I can be part of their big day making them look radiant and beautiful is something that always brings a smile to my face.
Over the last few years (after I turned 40 specifically), I personally experienced changes in my skin, my complexion, features & the appearance of fine lines ….yes, I know you get me and this is just mentioning a few things.
I could also hear my more mature clients and friends saying “I wish I could do makeup like you”, “I would love to know how to apply makeup on me but I have too many wrinkles”. “The youtube videos are so complicated that I don’t know what to do or use”       And then they usually ask me “do you offer classes?”…
So this got me thinking…wow…how many women especially over 40 do not know how to apply simple makeup, or they are confused with what they see out there or they feel overwhelmed with so many product options. And honestly, I don’t blame you.
Yes, it may be that you need to get different products, use a different technique, colour tones or go for less but remember makeup should not be scary, makeup should be fun. It is just a matter of having the right advice.
I now offer makeup lessons to share my wisdom and wow I absolutely love it… and so too do my ladies!  The rewards I get when women have an “aha” moment is priceless.
My makeup lessons show you ‘my tried and trued tips and tricks’ plus I will show you how to ensure your makeup application is enhancing your best features. You can go for a one-on-one or get a small group of friends to master the art in a hands on lesson.
Each face is my canvas and I have the ability to bring out the best in everyone’s features, it is about enhancing your beauty not hiding it with makeup.
I’m on a mission now in helping women over 40 to feel fabulous about themselves, to simplify makeup for them.
You know what they say, find something you love and you will do it with all of your heart.
This is why I am so excited to collaborate with this talented and beautiful Personal Stylist Johanna-May.
If you can’t wait and you’d love to dive into a lesson with Jess or have your makeup done, email me here.
So stay tuned.
Yours in style,
Johanna-May xx