Most of us love jeans but not the act of buying them

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Most of us love jeans but not the act of buying them. A good pair purchased is often a result of sheer good luck.

Next time you head off to the stores in search of jeans take some time to think of your needs in the following areas.



Do you need to hide your tummy, elongate your legs or lengthen your torso, or something else? The right waist height (AKA Rise) is a great place to start.



Wide leg, straight leg, skinny or bootcut, each result in a different look and some are better than others when it comes to flattering certain body shapes.



Pockets range from large to small, are placed from high to low and spaced wide to close. Depending on the shape and size of your derriere pockets can flatter, flaunt, or exaggerate size and shape.



Stretchy jeans are super comfy and compliment many body shapes. However, if you have a large tummy, firm jeans though not as comfy will be more flattering.



There’s a whole world of colour beyond blue and each colour will change your image and apparent size. Light blue denim is casual and youthful while dark denim is dressier and more slimming. Other dressy colours are those that are medium dark to dark and associated with formal occasions, such as black and burgundy.



Distressed and washed-out jeans are very casual and often not very flattering to those who have heavy set legs.



What garments and accessories you team with your jeans will set your image. You can dress them up with polished or shiny shoes, heels, smart belts, and dressy tops.



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