Refreshing Your look in minutes

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Refreshing Your look in minutes

Refreshing Your look in minutes – can it be that easy?

Mid season is often a time when we start to suffer the blahs with our wardrobe.  Sometimes fixing it is not always easy if your money tree is not in bloom.

When you feel your look needs a boost but have limited cash to spend, search for something new to wear on your top half. ¬†It’s that easy!

Your top half is the place that’s noticed first and it is the most effective way to add in a trend item since upper garments can often be purchased inexpensively.

If you’re all about sustainability which I endorse wholeheartedly try your local op shops, vintage, recycled boutiques these often have outstanding one-off pieces.

When it comes to finding your best looks or giving your style a revamp there’s no better way to accomplish this then a Style and Image Revamp session.

For less than a reasonable pair of boots, I can set you on the path to looking and feeling great and being noticed for all the right reasons.

Go on, call me…you have nothing to lose.

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Happy mid season and be careful in those sales.

Yours in Style,

Johanna-May xx