Shop Like a Pro : Classics Keep on Giving

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Shop Like a Pro : Classics Keep on Giving

Learn how to Shop Like a Pro : Because Classics Keep on Giving!

Fast fashion is great to add a touch of fashion forwardness to your look but when it comes to getting value from your clothes, classics are the only way to go.

Check out this 2013 outfit, it is a testament to the longevity and impact of classic garments and styling.

The belted leather jacket over the sheath dress upgrades the look above any everyday dress and jacket uniform.

The waist is emphasized in an elegant way creating a tailored look and ankle boots and bare legs are still in vogue today.

To easily raise the elegance of this outfit you could exchange the boots and bare legs for pointy-toe pumps and tonal hosiery.


If the clothes in your wardrobe are not serving you as well as they should a personal style consultation will help you know which garments and styles will expand and invigorate your wardrobe and your style.

I’m here ready to help, all you need do is message me and ask.

Or go ahead and check out what services I have on offer, both Virtually and In-person. 

Keep on with those Classic pieces they will do you well.

Yours in style,

Johanna-May xx