Standing the Test of Time

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Standing the Test of Time – are you sick of buying things that go out of fashion just before you get them on the hanger?  Or maybe you’re the type of person that watches everyone else wear a ‘look’ and by the time it’s your turn to try it – oops it’s too late !

Choosing a perfect set of clothes is hard – and making sure you’re stocking up on the right trend is trickier.  So, when you are looking to invest, there’s always more to consider than just if it’ll last the season you need to consider if you will get a couple of seasons out of your hard earned cash with the item you’re looking at so you have to think ahead.

In a nutshell here are 3 trends that will stand the test of time, broken down into 3 categories these trends are definitely worth looking into.


 Clean Lines :



Standing the test of Time

Designers are turning to simple silhouettes, clean lines and fresh fabrics to ensure their clothes stand the test of time. Do the same by investing in quality pieces that will last forever. Simple, chic and relaxed is your go-to.  Styles here from Witchery.



Off-Duty Cool : 


Standing the test of Time

If you take inspiration from the streets and go with model-off-duty style. Oversized hoodies, slouchy jeans and cool dresses will become your weekend uniform.


Loose shapes :


Standing the test of Time












Go with the flow and invest in pieces that don’t restrict — it’s all about comfort from now onwards. Dress by Neon Gypsy.


Do you have a trend that you think will last the test of time?  I’d love you to share it because there are others, quite a lot actually so don’t hold back, let me know your thoughts.

Have a super stylish week and I will catch you all soon.

Yours in Style,

Johanna-May xx