Style – keeping it simple !

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Style - keeping it simple!

Our Style – Keeping it simple – here’s a few extra tips!

Your appearance affects the way in which you interact with others so feeling confident in your image is extremely important.  We are who we are so knowing your body and liking your body and accepting that each one of us comes with styling challenges can allow us to embrace ourselves and work with what we have.  Clothing can become our ally when we want to highlight our assets or conceal our less favourable features… that’s called ‘Styling’.

There are many tricks to adding-to or reducing your curves so that you are proportionally balanced.  Truth be told, your tailor can be your best friend!  Many items will not fit off the rack, you have to fit the largest part of your body and then tailor down the rest.

Foundational pieces for building a purposeful wardrobe:  Blouses; try feminine necklines to give a traditional suit a pretty and modern spin or paired with a cardigan and jeans for a casual look.  Knitwear; choose natural fabrics like cotton, wool and cashmere. Cardigans, wraps and v-necks are great for layering and are a more casual alternative to a blazer.  A-Line Skirts; a good classic shape that defines the waist. Fitted Jackets; there is something very smart about a fitted jacket, it can elevate even a pair of jeans and a t-shirt into a more pulled together ensemble.  Suits; a pant or skirt suit are great additions as they can be worn broken up creating more options. Wrap dress; the dress that made Dianne Von Furstenburg famous is versatile and flattering.  Your perfect pair of Jeans; it shouldn’t be about the latest trend, look for the shape that looks best on your body.  The Timeless Trench; choose the one that works best with your shape.  If you need help choosing the right styles, I’d love to hear from you.

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Johanna-May xx