Style Savvy – Donating clothing

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Style Savvy - Donating clothes


I often get asked about donating clothing to charity… here are some tips ‘Style Savvy – Donating Clothing’

If you’re blessed with so many clothes that you need to dispose of them giving them to a charity is an act of generosity that will bless others.

That is…

If they are worth wearing.

From around the World Charity organisations are forced to spend millions – yes MILLIONS on getting rid of items that can’t be sold. That’s millions they don’t have to help others with.

So, here are a few donation etiquette suggestions to follow:

⛔ Don’t dump donations outside of allocated bins or in front of charity shops.

✅ Do donate freshly washed items of clothing.

⛔ Don’t include underwear.

⛔ Don’t include items that are torn or stained.

✅ Do save your unwanted clothing and donate at the beginning of the season they can be worn in. This will save the organisation the cost of storage.

✅ Do donate only matching pairs of shoes that are in good condition.

Can you think of any other donation etiquette tips?


Ladies when you purchase clothes that flatter your shape and age, reflect your personality, and are in sync with your goals and lifestyle you are able to buy less and buy better. Your clothes will last years and be building blocks that will create many different outfits for many moods and occasions.

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I hope you have enjoyed these suggestions… it’s a liberating feeling, letting go of unsuitable items plus letting someone else enjoy them also feels so good.

Have an awesome week ahead.

Yours in Style,

Johanna-May xx