Style Wisdom – how to accessorise

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Knowing how to accessorise an outfit or garment is simple if you remember these simple guidelines:


Complex garments or outfits have multiple design features that can be easily rendered as busy if incorrectly accessorised.

The main garment will need to remain the star/main focus of the look.

When accessorizing these outfits it’s best to:

~ Keep the number of accessories to no more than 3.

~ Use the background colour for the accessories

~ Use understated/simple accessories.

~ Echo the most common design line in the outfit.


These are garments or outfits that have the main item which is a simple, solid colour and one that will act as a canvas for the accessories which will take center stage.

When accessorizing simple outfits:

~ Stick to a theme, mood, or personality for your look.

~ Add no more than two center stage accessories and 2 supporting accessories.

~ Have fun with colour – think complementary colours for a standout look or analogous colours for something easier on the eye.

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