Style wisdom – Vertical Blocking

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Style wisdom – Vertical Blocking

I’ve been doing a lot of workshops, masterclasses and talks lately about looking and feeling the best you can with what you have.  Looking your best is a matter of knowing how to dress for your shape, size and personality. Colour is just one tool at your disposal to ensure you look your very best. By dressing in vertical blocks of colour you’ll will be amazed at how much taller and slimmer you can appear to be.

The more vertical blocks of colour you wear, the taller and slimmer you will appear to be.


Here are 4 strategies to dress in vertical colour blocks.

❶ Wear one block of colour (see #1 blue outfit)

❷ Wear colours close in colour depth eg navy and black, navy and dark red (see outfit #2, navy and black)

❸ Flow colour up your body, one colour through your body eg (outfit #3) \

❹ Go monochromatic. Wear shades of one colour eg (outfit #4)

As an Image consultant I FOCUS ON YOU and take from fashion only the styles that:

  •  flatter your body
  • express your personality
  • work towards achieving your life and business goals
  • be practical with your lifestyle
  • work within your budget.

What you wear should support and enhance YOU. From your shape and age, to how you want the world to see you.

Clothes should be used and seen as the tools you have at your disposal to lift your mood, make you feel attractive and confident, and to attract others to you no matter what the situation.

If you would like assistance to find the styles, clothes, and outfits that work best for you I offer personal in-person and virtual style and colour consultations.

PM me, comment below, or book a time to chat: 🗓️. Image & Style Breakthrough Session

Until our chat.


Yours in style,


Johanna-May xx