The Essence of Style

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The Essence of Style

What is the essence of style?

It’s as simple and complex as:

⭐ Appropriateness
⭐ Authenticity
⭐ Simplicity
⭐ Confidence
⭐ Poise
⭐ Respect
⭐ Friendliness
⭐ Courtesy
⭐ Openness


What do you need to accomplish great style?

Not money that’s for sure!

All you need is a right attitude.

And maybe someone to give you a little guidance.


Sometimes over time we get stuck in our own way, our style can change and working out our own Style Essence can be a challenge.


That’s where I can help.

If you would like a little help sorting out your style, I would love to assist you.

From what to buy to how to dress, what colours to purchase to how to coordinate them right through to wardrobe organization, personal shopping, and professional image.  I offer a full range of services for women of all ages, lifestyles, and occupations.

In-person and virtual consultations/mentorship programmes available.

PM me, comment below, or book a time to chat: 🗓️ 

Yours in style,

Johanna-May x