The Twenties blueprint…what will it be?

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Welcome to the Twenties blueprint… what will it be?

A new decade has swiftly surrounded us.  With the entrance of a new decade comes the opportunity to reflect on what has been and envision what could be.  All areas of life are under the spotlight including our relationship with clothing and how we choose to present ourselves. Let’s see what this decade can be known for.

Environmental impact is at the front of our minds as well.  Stepping into the 2020s and when revitalising our wardrobe, it is important to consider the quality and longevity of our garments over quantity.  The following are five building blocks that can be styled to create an abundance of individual looks, curating an effortless wardrobe that will sustainably stand the test of a decade.

The white shirt

Timeless and classic, the white shirt is foundational.  This flexible piece is the blank canvas of your wardrobe.  It will go effortlessly with anything.  The white shirt can transform from elegant to edgy in a moment, depending on the roll of a cuff, tuck of the shirt or number of buttons left loose.  White shirts are in generous global supply and to find one, look no further than your local op-shop, most apparel providers, or even a loved one’s closet.  The white shirt gracefully withstands the test of time, displaying its durability and flexibility decade after decade.

Signature pants

Styles come and go.  This truth we know well and pants are no exception to change.  The secret to finding a timeless pant is to work with the body and lifestyle you’ve got.  Finding a pair of pants that will go the distance with you is much like building a healthy relationship : it starts with honesty, understanding and loving yourself.  Invest in friendship with your body and mind, get to know them without judgement and with a healthy dose of kindness, acceptance and respect.  Acknowledge your shape and daily activities to find the pant style that you will feel confident and comfortable in.  High-waisted trousers or ski pants the choice is yours, finding the ones that best suit you will elevate your wardrobe.

Long romantic dress

As iconic as the little black dress (LBD) a close relative is the long romantic dress which has recently entered fashion’s consciousness. This style embodies notions of freedom, fluidity and no matter the weather is a perfect addition to your wardrobe.

The relaxed blazer

Tailoring also reflects the transformation of time.  Tailored garments are currently taking on a relaxed fit.  The relaxed blazer slips seamlessly into your twenties wardrobe alongside the white shirt, signature pant and long romantic dress, all offering elegance, ease and adaptability. An oversized and uncomplicated blazer breathes an air of effortless cool to your curated collection.


As they say “New Year New You.”  The new year offers a unique focus on transformation.  The fifth staple for our twenties wardrobe is confidence, it is completely free and elevates every outfit we can configure. Perhaps the time has come to refresh the old saying to ” New Year, I’m Here!”

Go get the year ladies & enjoy every moment.

Much style love,

Johanna-May xx


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