Transitioning Your Wardrobe to Winter

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Transitioning to Winter

A few simple ways on Transitioning Your Wardrobe to Winter, and, if you have just stepped out of winter for a while keep these tips in check for 6 months time.

As temperatures start to fluxuate previewing a taste of cooler months ahead it’s time to find creative ways to transition your summer garments into warmer outfits.

There are few better ways to do this than to research street style to see how the creative and trend influencers are strutting their transition style.

The most common & simple ways are:

  • Don pants under a dress
  • Layer a dress over pants or shorts
  • Add a shirt or top under a sleeveless or strappy dress
  • Sport tights or patterned hosiery to add warmth
  • Top layer with winter weight garments
  • Accessorize with winter appropriate items

Do you have any other ideas?

I’d love to hear, or better still see them.

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