Wear a Dress!

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how to where a dressIt’s no secret to anybody that I’m a dress kind of gal. Walk into my wardrobe and you’ll be met with oodles of frocks in all sorts of patterns, fabrics, styles and cuts. I don’t just save these for formal occasions I like wearing dresses all the time, I feel feminine, pretty and it kind of makes everyday a little special. Why not dress like everyday is a party I say! I also get that, sometimes it’s just not practical to wear a dress, like horse riding or camping in the outbacks… and that’s ok, we like practical too!

A question I have is… why in New Zealand don’t many of us wear dresses ?

Here’s some reasons I just love my dresses….

1) Dresses are kinder than pants – Pants remind you that you are gaining weight. Wearing the baggy flowie ones that I sometimes like to wear, you can gain a few pounds and no one will notice. They also won’t make you feel like you are squeezing the life out of you like pants do.

2) Dresses make dressing up so much simpler – it eradicates that “oh what top shall I wear, shall I wear this belt, should it be a skirt or should it be trousers” scenario. Once you have worked out what shoes work with your dresses you are ready to go. Sometimes you just want to walk out the door each day in one piece, dresses offer simplicity.

3) Dresses are pretty much appropriate attire no matter where you end up going. Dresses suit pretty much every occasion – remember it’s better off to be over dressed than underdressed.

4) Unlike certain lengths of trousers, you are not stuck when it comes to the height of your heel or the type of shoe when you decide to wear a dress. Ideally a dress paired with beautiful heels or stiletto boots is most flattering as it lengthens your leg, but flats, kitten heels or sandals can look wonderful and more appropriate if the scene is more casual.

5) Quite simply, in humidity dresses are cooler.

And as Diane von Furstenberg quotes : “Feel like a woman wear a dress” I whole heartedly conquer to that!

4 Responses

  1. maria

    What if you are like me…top bigger than bottom… no hips or bum…bonus…but need dress fitting here cause you have no waist….and if it isn’t fitting there… u look fat

    • Johanna

      Hi Maria, clothing with fitting and seaming, princess seams could be a good cut. Try an A line skirt as well. Don’t be afraid to “try” options.

  2. Donna Jones

    I am a big fan of dresses too. I would much rather be the overdressed one than under dressed that’s for sure.

    • Johanna

      Thanks Donna, and… you wear dresses very well, they work well for you !