What do blueberries and the sky at dusk have in common with fashion?

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What do blueberries and the sky at dusk have in common with fashion?

Well, Pantone’s 2020 Colour of the Year is Classic Blue.

It almost seems a bit, well boring and perhaps we feel like expressing the thoughts ” oh not again!”  The reason behind Pantone’s forecasters was that they deemed this colour to be safe and comforting for a time of change.  “Here and now” is an admittedly unstable place and blue is a feeling of calm and reassurance that helps us have the confidence to move forward.

Along the way there have been other colours that were ‘comforting and energising’ like the Living Coral of last year.  They say that the classic blue is in many ways a product of the same core observation.

Classic Blue is the colour of the sky at dusk.  This is a strong visual symbol about fresh starts.  Since it’s the sky, it’s also a colour of blue everyone sees everywhere around the world – a universal colour that transcends global cultures.

This colour is especially fitting for this moment in time, the hue is both genderless and reasonless, making it both accessible and desirable for people in all walks of life.  Additionally this indigo shade can be achieved naturally from plants and dyes, making it a colour that aligns well with the sustainability movement.

There has actually been a lot of classic blue bubbling on the catwalks for a while now, in fashion it can serve as a baseline, much like black.  Classic blue catches light in a way that seems to create contrast, which makes it superb at highlighting tactile materials which is fabulous as texture is having a moment in fashion and interior design.

Classic Blue is a versatile colour to wear & looks fabulous alongside many other colours.  It’s a colour I’ve been wearing for years… so guess I’ll be wearing it again this year.  Check out my outfit at #NZFW2019, not one bold colour mix but a few!  Photo taken with friend and photographer #KirstenSudbury.

What do blueberries, blue jeans and the sky at dusk have in common with fashion?

I am sure it is a colour most of you will have in your wardrobe so drop me a comment and let me know if you are happy or not that this colour is Pantone’s chosen colour for 2020.  Feeling bold, drop me a photo of you wearing it.

See you at my next blog.

Johanna-May xx