What’s having a Major Moment in Fashion ?

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What’s having a Major Moment in Fashion ?   Primary colours are having a huge time in Fashion at the Moment…  And one of the current reigning favourites is RED !

Time and time again I hear ladies say “I can’t wear red”  OR “I’m too old to wear red”  No such thing on both comments.  You need to know what red suits you and hey even if you don’t want to wear red all over you can still wear red…somewhere!

I’m loving Emily Ratajkowski’s look with her feminine red dress rocking it up with a little ‘Rock chic’ look with the boots and over the shoulder handbag.  Perfect for those that like a touch of feminine but not too much!

What's having a Major Moment in Fashion ?


Canary yellow and mustard are also popping up as often on some of our favourite muses.  Take below, Kate Bosworth sporting the hue via flattering flares.



What's having a Major Moment in Fashion ?


Look at these shades of blue… no need to go for one shade or match the blues… combine them.  This look is perfect with it’s two shades, no more needed.  Striking and powerful!


What's having a Major Moment in Fashion ?


Knowing your best suited Colours is the best place to start for knowing what to wear, you are able to go into a shop, scan the shop and pretty much cut it down by half with your best suited colours.  The beauty of a Colour Consultation is, once you’ve done it unless you change something drastically like your hair colour you only need to have it done the once, maybe a little tweaking when you get older.  You also get to learn what makeup suits you… it just makes life so much easier.  Here is the link to my Colour Consultations… done, in under 2 hours.

Summer just naturally rocks colour, there’s more colour in the shops, it’s easier to find your hue of colour, there are also more patterns and pretty much what you see is more fun hanging on the coat hangers.

Embrace this time and go for it with those Primary Colours.

Yours in Style,

Johanna-May xx