What’s my favourite style this summer?

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What’s my favourite style this summer?

It’s feminine, timeless, can be worn in different ways and it works for all occasions.

The Midi Skirt is one of the season’s most popular trends, but many of us still find the midi skirt a difficult one to wear.  Why?  Some say it’s an awkward length, being slightly longer than knee length it finishes half way down the calf.  It’s that in-between spot where you’re not really showing off any leg but you are showing off an ankle.  So, still feminine.

These skirts are great for in-between seasons where you still need some coverage but you don’t need to bundle up completely below.  They offer a timeless silhouette, they are comfortable and sophisticated.

BUT wear one incorrectly and you could take on a Grandma ‘look’.

I love and think the the best look for a Midi Skirt is a tucked in top, a simple top as it’s about the skirt.

Here’s some looks. 

First Look – Denim Midi Skirt

Denim midis are perfect for a casual, summer weekend relatively regardless of your plans. BBQ with your friends? Brunch at the local? Afternoon Pimms?

Second Look – Floral Midi skirt

If you love your florals which is ‘very in’ then you’ll no doubt find floral midis an easy transition.  Pair it with a plain white t-shirt or crisp white blouse.

Third Look – Sheer skirt

If you’re up to take on a challenge like this, pair the share midi over a pair of mini shorts or a mini skirt.  Very fashion-forward.

Fourth Look – With a Trapeze blouse

What's my favourite style this summer?

I mostly love these midi skirts with a tuck in top, here is one look that I also love with a trapeze blouse… this can go horribly wrong so make sure you get the overall feel right.  This skirt is A-line and floaty which makes the whole look just gorgeous.

So, what is your favourite?  Is this something you could incorporate in your wardrobe and if you already are, do share.  For a Midi skirt shop, drop me a message here.

Until my next blog.

Yours in Style,

Johanna-May xx