When a Fashion Blogger visits Milan

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When a Fashion Blogger visits Milan – how lucky am I to have just come back from holidaying in Europe and visiting some of the Fashion Capitals of the world!

I felt like a Piggy in Pooh, really!

PLUS on reflection I had shopping location highlights for all types of style.   High StreetItalian DesignerStreet wear – Holiday wear / Resort wear.  I am sure I saw the best of these ‘looks’ with every location I visited.

Highlight locations were first shopping Notting Hill which is a trendy vibrant area with upscale boutiques, this was my first stop and then towards the end of my trip the Fashion Capital of the World Milan.  Along the way spending time in the Amalfi Coast and the South of France saw more relaxed style.

For those of you who know me I’m not mainstream, I love mostly bold colours, often mixing colours and I have a little eclectic way of mixing things so…. I adore buying things that quite possibly nobody else will have, well not in New Zealand anyway.

Here I am sharing my style thoughts from these inspiring locations;

It was noticeable the Italian women seem to put together an outfit with ease, they don’t overdress nor do they look ‘put together’.    There is no mistaking that they (predominantly) dress stylishly but effortless would be my word for their look.  A lot of women seemed to favour comfortable dressing i.e. floaty outfits, shoes, low key makeup, relaxed hair but all still very stylish.

When a Fashion Blogger visits Milan

  1. 1. Black was a low key player on the streets.  Bold colour and a lot of maxi dresses were spotted.

When a Fashion Blogger visits Milan

2. Sneakers teamed up with just about every look.

When a Fashion Blogger visits Milan

3. Long floaty skirts were worn with a T and paired with a sneaker or sandal.


When a Fashion Blogger visits Milan

4.  Floaty palazzo pants, generally worn with a high waist.  This look is all about the pants, teamed with a simple linen or cotton blouse.  A lot of linen was spotted for Resort time.


When a Fashion Blogger visits Milan

5. Layering and it’s okay to have the bottom of your blouse out plus take note of the sneakers.


When a Fashion Blogger visits Milan

6. 7/8 length pants… show off your ankles with a delicate heel.

When a Fashion Blogger visits Milan

7. Kimonos over jeans, ideally roll the ankle of your jeans up and wear with a strappy sandal.

When a Fashion Blogger visits Milan

8. If you love jewels, this is the ‘in’ look.  Layered fine/dainty jewellery.  If silver is your best metal simply swap the look with silver.

Take notice of how simple and comfortable these looks are, I think they work for the time poor women that wants to look smart and be comfortable.

Often when ladies see new styles like these they immediately jump in and say “I can’t wear that!”   So, before you jump on your band wagon give me the opportunity to show you how this look could work for you, it may just take a little bit of tweaking.  That’s my job!

If you’d like to know more about styles or my trip away you can simply leave a message on my blog or reply to the email or jump onto my website

Until next time, happy dreaming.

Yours in Style,

Johanna-May xx