Who said you can’t wear Colour?

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Time and time again I hear “Oh I wish I could wear Colour” or “You’re so lucky you can wear Colour”  Let me put you straight… Everyone, yes, Everyone can wear Colour.  Everyone has a blue, a green, a red, a pink and the list goes on that they can wear, they just need to know what depth of Colour and how much coolness versus how much warmth they can wear in that Colour.

It’s also important to understand wearing the wrong Colour can be very unflattering to us as well… it can age us, drain colour from us and just be unflattering.  What we want to see is harmony with Colour in our complexion, hair colour, our eye colour and what we wear.

In my more Corporate World I used to wear a lot of black, now I only own one or two pieces in black, I’ve completely transitioned through the belief that black is more slimming for me or more flattering.  Unless I am completely made up I now find I feel drab in black.  Don’t get me wrong black is suited to some people but please oh please when wearing it do incorporate some Colour even if it’s just your lipstick to add a pop of Colour.

Once you find your ideal Colours and once you start wearing Colour I’m sure you will embrace it and not go back.  Knowing your Colours also makes shopping so much easier, you can easily search the shop and cull it down by cutting out the Colours that don’t work for you.  Just a point to take note of, I am not suggesting you go all out as a Coloured Rainbow, I’m simply suggesting you wear some Colour, try some garments or accessories in Colour as it is uplifting and mood enhancing.
Every year Pantone names it’s “Colour of the Year”, Pantone is a Colour Institute that provides colour trend forecasting and the chosen Colour for this year is Marsala, a beautiful rich, full-bodied, elegant and grounded statement Colour.  It’s beautiful used on it’s own or as a strong accent Colour to many other Colours.  I couldn’t think of a better time of the year to bring this beautiful Colour into our Wardrobes.

Simply try dabbling in Colour, even if it’s just accessories, shoes or makeup… I bet it will make a difference to your Mood !


Johanna xx