Your Athleisure Moment

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Your Athleisure Moment :  We believe in a new way of dressing.  Athleisure = Athletic + Leisure.  Elegance combined with comfort and practicality of fitness clothing.

Some of you may know and some of you may have already purchased my new brand FitLi.  I was approached by this Brazilian Activewear brand FitLi a few months ago to trial some of their products.  Did I need a new brand, no BUT once I tried their brand I couldn’t resist… it just had to be added into my existing repertoire of Brazilian brands.

So who is FitLi ?   From Sao Paulo this brand has been going more than 16 years, they service the whole of Brazil plus many International Countries.

Why do I sell Athleisure wear / Active wear?  Here are ‘some’ of the facts…

  1. It’s so hard to find amazing quality that supports but looks stylish as well.  I liken it to ‘looking fun on the outside, supporting from the inside’.
  2. I love my ladies to wear unique items, with my brands I don’t bring in large numbers, I keep it small so you are getting unique.
  3. Sales revenue for fitness retail is expected to double by 2021 (more and more in New Zealand, unlike a lot of countries, NZers wear their Activewear as casual wear – often)
  4. Fitness clothing sales grow 12.4% every year
  5. I love being active and I love nice gear!

Check out what this brand has to offer :

  • Trend :  It’s innovative in design and cuts of clothing.  High compression waistband using silicone in the waistband of the pants to prevent it from descending.  Innovation by FITLI.
  • Quality : Parts with LYCRA® wire.  Elasticity, safety in movements and unique details.
  • Technology : UV protection, high performance, breathability.  EMANA® technology improves circulation and reduces cellulite.

Demonstrated below with these gorgeous Blend Leggings.

Blend ankle length leggings

Check out the wide variety of pieces plus take note of these stunningly stylish casual pieces

Saia Lace skirt

Saia Lace Skirt in black and dusty pink.

You will love to know, pricing is practical, it is not expensive.  The idea is to have a few pieces not just one that you have to save towards.

I love this new brand and I imagine you will too.  My online shop is always open or I would love to see you for my open day, the first Tuesday of the month, you may contact me here .

Feeling good about how you look when you exercise is IMPORTANT, do it in nice gear!

Yours in Style,

Johanna-May xx