Your wardrobe is your experimental playground, have fun!

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Your clothes should be the creative springboard to create many different outfits that meet your many moods and occasions.

Experiment with the clothes and accessories you own to create many looks and options. For example, you could:

? make a dressy item more casual with flat sandals or sneakers,
? dress up a casual item with a blazer, shiny item or heels,
? place a sweater or top over a dress to make it look like a skirt and top ensemble,
? add a top under a sundress.

I’d love to hear about, or better still see the new outfits you create.



The foundation for creating flattering and confidence-building outfits is to:
A) know what styles suit your body best and
B) what colours work best with your skin, hair, and eyes.

The former can be obtained with a personal style consultation with and the latter with a personal colour analysis by yours truly.

Sessions can be in-person or virtual. Prices start from just $97. 

Message me and let’s start a conversation.

Johanna-May xx