Is it time to shop with a Personal Shopper?

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Is it time to shop with a Personal Shopper?

Do you ever hear yourself saying :

  1. “I’ve got nothing to wear” … & you know you have a wardrobe full of clothes?
  2. “I never look good in dresses / trousers / shorts / skirts”… and you’ve never even tried to buy these items because you believe you don’t suit them?
  3. “I only wear black because it’s the most flattering”
  4. “I hate shopping for clothes”

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions then “Is it time to shop with a Personal Shopper?”  Yes Yes Yes

As I would just love to show you how easy it is shopping with a Personal Stylist/Personal Shopper, until Christmas and it’s limited until appointments are booked up…. I am offering a complimentary half hour shopping time with me when 2.5hrs are purchased, so that’s 3hrs for the cost of 2.5hrs (it’s amazing how much shopping can be done in this time).  Plus I will give you a $50 voucher to give to a friend or family member or whoever you choose as a Christmas present to them to be used on any Divine you Personal Styling Service.  So email me now as it is limited based on appointment availability.    For more information check out my website.

Why is it beneficial to go shopping with a Personal Stylist/shopper/Me ?  I will Show you the following ;

  • Help you develop your own Personal Style
  • How to not make purchases that don’t work for you
  • How to build a co-ordinated wardrobe
  • How to be a selective shopper
  • Use sales wisely
  • Save you time and money in the shops
  • Save you time and money online
  • Find you the outfits while you try on
  • How to wear colours that suit you
  • Help you get those amazing outfits that you don’t know how to find
  • Introduce you to and push your boundaries on new & fabulous styles
  • Teach you how to find those killer outfits you need for parties / interviews / business meetings / presentations / dates
  • And to make it more worthwhile many shops give “me” discounts, this in actual fact can more than pay for my time!

Most people assume that having your own personal stylist is the privilege of only the celebrities… Well up until recently that may have been the case – just as it was with personal coaches and personal trainers.  But, now having your own Personal Stylist has become not only a very real possibility but the choice of those who want to make wise financial decisions.   So, let’s put an end to the luxury label, right now!  When we think luxury we generally think about extravagance and indulgence.  Personal Styling has everything to do with good planning, wise decision making and the economic use of funds.

All of this comes down to saving both time and money – 2 of your most precious commodities in life.

Everyone also wishes to be projected the best way they can in the view of others – right?  So, my purpose is to do just that!

Check out what others have said about their experience with me, jump on and send me an email to book a time with me.


Yours in Style,

Johanna-May xx