The no-frills Summer accessories

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How easy – The no-frills Summer accessories… we need to be smarter about our stuff, this is the message we are getting everywhere!  As such the accessories that dominated the runways in New York, London, Milan and Paris were no-frills, functional items that can live in our wardrobes for seasons to come.  We like that!

Bags will be oversized or bucket-shaped, all the better to take all your possessions.  Shoes are walkable like easygoing flatforms and prepster loafers and mary jane pumps. A few flightier trends emerged; rainbow sunglasses, boutonnières and silk head scarves.

Buying, wearing and repeating what you love is a good way to keep your closet sustainable and yourself in style.


Straw   –  The single most popular material of the entire season was humble raffia.  The fiber was woven into shoes, bags and belts.  Even better, as a plant-derived material, raffia is biodegradable, promising that your new ‘It’ bag will have less of an environmental impact.

Boutonnières    These began as a menswear trend in the early 19th century but this season they’ll prove to be a must-have for women’s suiting.  Be creative where you put your Boutonnières they don’t have to be in your lapel.

Sunglasses Big, small, sporty and square have been our sunglasses over the past two years.  Now it’s not so much novel shapes, look out for major colour!

Square Toe –  These seem to be the most experimental shoe silhouette.  Think comfort!

Sweet Mary Jane –  I mentioned on a blog a while ago that perhaps it’s time to move out of your ballet flats so in it’s place The Mary Jane pump has emerged as a lovely counterpoint to the square toe shoe.  Worth a try ladies… feminine and not too high.

You can jump on board before these trends even hit the shops.  How about a couple of hours of pre-loved/vintage shopping with me and see what adorable trinkets we can find?  Check out the details on this shopping experience here.

I’d love to know what you think about these upcoming trends and if you feel you could indeed include these in your style in the upcoming months.

Until then, happy Spring… I know it is coming.

Yours in Style,

Johanna-May xx

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  1. Dee

    Love the trend of using straw. Also love the dash of colour of a boutonnière. The Mary Jane pump would do me fine. Just have to find them in either dark red or green! Mmmm