Vintage shopping with ME!

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Predictions are… Vintage shopping OR second-hand shopping is set to take over fast fashion in the next 10 years.

‘Hmmm’… I picture some of you thinking, because perhaps you believe it’s just ‘not for you’.  Personally I think vintage shopping has come a very long way in the last few years.  The vintage or second hand shops I visit frequently have some pretty good, very new and in fact a lot of brand new items that are clean, in perfect order and current season. A lot of the time there are Designer bargains too which often some of us would never normally afford.

I have a lot of ladies ask if I shop with clients in these shops, well yes I do, I too love them because often you get something you would not normally see and, me being the magpie that I am just love collectables or one-offs.  Read on, I have put together an offer for you…

I’ve decided to do a VINTAGE SHOP EXCURSION, I’m targeting it for you and a friend.  In advance I do have to apologise because it is Auckland based only.  For just $150 each you get 2hours of vintage shopping together with me.  We start in one area and go on if we need to or if you would like to extend your time we can also go extend.  If we stay just in one shop this will be a sure sign we are having success.

What you need to know;

  • This is an awesome time of year to do this, as everyone is starting to go through their wardrobes for summer.
  • I am doing a lot of wardrobe audits and taking items of clothing to pre-loved shops and I know there is some gorgeous items out there.
  • This is such a fun and affordable way to shop, and, you get to learn a lot from me.
  • Pre-loved shopping is great for mixing & matching, getting some Designer brands too.
  • Sometimes you can get everything under one roof.
  • I only have limited days available so if this sounds like you please message me.
  • If you would rather go on your own with just me please message me here.

I love doing wardrobe overhauls, this is a great way for me to get more sustainability out of your wardrobe, I have a great eye for mixing and matching.  Plus there may be some items that just don’t work for your body type or the colour might be wrong for you or perhaps it doesn’t work for your lifestyle.  By culling and letting me take over this ‘sorting’ job you could just about pay for your vintage shopping with me, I will sort and put together items ready for re-sale.  It’s proactive sustainability!  You will find information on my wardrobe auditing here.

In the news hub there was a great article which sparked my thoughts on creating a really well priced, fun shopping trip for you and a friend.  Check it out here and see what others have to say :

Join me on a fun shopping day with a friend and let’s get some gorgeous vintage items that speak to you!

Yours in Style,

Johanna-May xx