The Power of a Print

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The Power of a Print


The Power of a Print…

Where would fashion and women be without prints!?

From adding interest, balancing a figure, creating a mood, revealing a personality to syncing with a fashion trend, prints are a must-have part of every woman’s wardrobe.

The print in this outfit is a great example of print power.

The colours in the print are uniting her two plain solid coloured garments as well as acting as the third essential element to make the outfit look complete. Without the long print tunic, both she and her outfit would have been much less interesting.

In addition, the print type (floral) is adding both femininity and oriental elegance to her look.


I often get asked about prints and how to wear them and what print would suit them.  Do you know the type and scale of prints that best suit your shape?

Do you know where and how to wear prints to make the most of your shape and age?

If you don’t I can show you along with all the other essential information that will show you how to look and feel fabulous every day and for every occasion.

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My Personal Stylist programme will teach you to find the styles and coordination that highlights the best in your figure and style. By learning how to dress in a way that makes you look amazing, feel authentic and comfortable, your self-esteem will soar.  Click on the link to see what you will learn from this programme that is unique to your body.

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Don’t have another bad day because you hate what you wear.

Lots of warmth

Johanna-May xx