Where does neon fit in your wardrobe?

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Where does neon fit in your wardrobe?  I bet you weren’t expecting to hear that you will be back wearing neon again very soon.

Minimalistic camels, creams and soft pastels have been for front for our winter season but, soon things are going high-voltage.  Neon colour it is!

Some might think they are garish some just tacky SO, if you’re just not sure here’s some ideas on how to make all that colour saturation work in your favour.


Where does neon fit into your wardrobe?

#1  Surprisingly the easiest way to get in on the trend is to wear it head to toe.  Keep accessories simple and you’re good to go.


Where does neon fit in your wardrobe?


#2  Try styling similar hues together in brighter and softer tones like a soft yellow with a highlighter hue or a dusty pink with a bright bubblegum.


Where does neon fit in your wardrobe?

#3  Need something a little pared back? Try a bag, sunglasses or jewels.


Where does neon fit in your wardrobe?


#4 If you feel extremely adventurous give clashing neon hues a go.  Be prepared to be noticed !


Where does neon fit in your wardrobe?


Neon hues can feel like a big commitment, pick your neon colour and stick with it.  Know if you suit something like a warm neon or a cool neon… know what works with your skin tone.  A Colour Analysis will tell you whether you suit warm or cool colours, you can book your appointment here.

When you have all your neon ready to go an easy trick is to finish off a neon outfit with a pair of white shoes.  You can also try styling with natural accessories like cane or wicker, simple gold or silver earrings.

This is all ‘just getting you prepared’ for what’s ahead.  Scary or not, it’s your right to know!

I’ll be taking a break from blogging for a number of weeks while my family and I travel Europe.  Of course I always love to hear from my followers so do drop me a message.

I can’t wait to bring you some style news from abroad.  Yippee, let the creative juices flow!

Until later, stay warm and fashion inspired.

Johanna-May xx