Your everyday life – getting the most out of your wardrobe.

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Your everyday life – getting the most out of your wardrobe.

It’s a Kiwi thing, us gals love to wear our activewear /athleisurewear casually.  All you need to do is look around the streets on the weekend or in the supermarket at about 10.30am on a week day.  Maybe we just like to get more bang for our buck!

Activewear is easy to wear and more and more it’s not uncommon for ladies to have their work wear and their activewear sorted, BUT everything else suffers.

So, here I am talking from a Personal Stylist’s point of view, someone who helps ladies and men make wise choices, get the best out of their wardrobe plus help my clients wear something unique and a little different.

You may know I have 3 labels of stylish yet practical women’s Activewear that I bring into NZ from Brazil.  It supports from the inside and looks amazing on the outside. The reason I bring these wonderful products to my clients is because as I said above, women do want to wear their activewear everyday and look good, they are time poor and need to be able to go from the gym to the supermarket and carry on with other chores before eventually getting back to their wardrobe so more often than not activewear becomes their casual wear.

So, here’s some tips on how best to incorporate your leggings/t-shirts/singlets/hoodies into your everyday wardrobe….

1.  BUY QUALITY : Invest a little in your gear, remember, like all fashion there is a reason why things are cheap.  There is nothing worse than spotting ‘see-through’ leggings or saggy bottoms.  Your Sportswear/Activewear should support your body and hug it, this does not mean squeeze you so tight you can’t move.  I liken my gear to ‘Spanx’ sportswear, meaning supporting and offering great shape.  Look for good quality products, they may have thermal qualities, be UV protecting, anti bacterial, be fast drying wicking the sweat away from the body and the fabrics should stay well in the colour they are produced.

2.  BRING SOME FAB COLOUR INTO YOUR ATHLEISUREWEAR WARDROBE :  There is an appeal to colour, people are naturally attracted to colour.  Unless you are wearing super stylish activewear (like the picture on the post) wearing all black can actually look like you have just come from the gym.  Lift it with a bright top or bottoms and you are rising to the challenge.


3.  LIFTING ACTIVEWEAR TO CASUALWEAR : If worn well your colourful or stylish leggings can look like slim fitting pants.

  • Ensure all of your important, feminine parts are covered….  Layering is a great tool for this.    Wear that slim fit top with a floating top or jacket
  • Swap up your workout sneaker with a nice pair of sneakers
  • Layer with a faux fur gilet or a faux fur jacket
  • Add a denim jacket
  • Leggings & I say nice leggings are cool with an oversized jersey
  • Try an ankle boot
  • Buy brands that are unique and not mass produced, don’t wear what everyone else is wearing.
  • If you’re off to the hockey or football ground, wearing your leggings with fashionable gum boots and tasteful rain jacket is perfect.  Don’t forget if you are wearing quality the leggings will dry fast and keep you warm.

Ink Classic JacketAnimal print crop top & 7/8 leggingsLong sleeve Ampla top

This is a perfect read for you if you beat yourself up for living in your activewear, going forward it’s okay BUT do make sure you take on some extra tips and your ACTIVEWEAR/ATHLEISUREWEAR is replaced regularly and do buy quality.

You will find all of these gorgeous products here. 

I have an open day once a month (next one Tuesday July 2nd) so feel free to come and have a chat about how to put these styles together or come and try some yummy gear!

If you haven’t as yet had a giggle over this very short video, check it out !

Have fun playing with your Activewear.

Yours in Style,

Johanna-May xx